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Workshops at the Makerspace

Visit our Bookings page for scheduled workshops, or send us a request. Where payments apply, they can be made via the Karri app. Details will be provided when booking a workshop.

Our Basics in robotics workshop is designed to introduce participants to the fundamental concepts of robotics, including the components, programming and applications. This workshop aims to provide a hands-on experience that allows participants to explore the world of robotics, understand the principles behind robotic systems, and gain practical skills in building and programming robots.

  • Introduction to robotics (overview of robotics, explanation of key components of a robot, different types of robots and their applications)
  • Robot construction (hands-on assembly of a basic robot using a robot-kit)
  • Robot programming (introduction to programming languages, basic programming concepts, writing simple programs)
  • Sensors and actuators (overview of different types of sensors and actuators, integration into a robot's functionality, exploring sensor inputs and actuator outputs)
  • Future trends and applications (emerging trends in robotics and real-world applications)

Our Introduction to 3D Printing workshop is designed to provide participants with an understanding of 3D printing technology, its applications, and the basics of operating a 3D printer. This workshop is aimed at equipping participants with the necessary skills to explore and leverage the potential of 3D printing.

  • Overview of 3D printing technology and its impact on various industries
  • Explanation of the key components of a 3D printer and their functions
  • Finding 3D designs online and software commonly used for 3D modelling
  • Preparing 3D prints (pre-printing process, including file formats and printer settings, and printing workflow)
  • Operating a 3D printer (setting up and calibrating, loading filament, initiating a print, and troubleshooting common issues)
  • Post-processing and finishing (removing objects, finishing options and other tips)

Creating an effective academic poster is designed to guide participants through the process of designing and presenting a visually compelling and informative academic poster, while adhering to UFS branding principles. This workshop aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to create engaging posters that effectively communication research findings, concepts, and ideas.

  • Introduction to academic posters
  • Planning and organising content
  • Design principles and visual elements
  • Poster layout
  • Visual enhancements and final touches
  • Presenting the poster

The Introduction to Basic Video Editing workshop is designed to provide participants with a foundational understanding of video editing techniques, tools, and principles. This workshop aims to equip participants with the essential skills to create and edit videos effectively, whether for personal projects, social media content, or professional presentations.

  • Introduction to video editing (storytelling and visual communication, key elements of video editing, video editing software)
  • Understanding video formats and file management (file formats, resolution, aspect ratio and file size, file management and best practices for video editing workflows)
  • Introduction to CapCut video editing software (user interface, timeline, essential tools, and hands-on exploration of basic editing functions)
  • Editing techniques and tools (adjustments, transitions, and adding elements such as music or text)
  • Working with effects and titles
  • Exporting and sharing videos (settings, file size and quality, and sharing videos on different platforms)

The Podcast Creation Workshop is designed to guide participants through the process of planning, producing, and launching their own podcast. This workshop aims to provide participants with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to create engaging and high-quality podcasts that effectively communicate their ideas, stories, or expertise.

  • Introduction to podcasting (overview of the podcasting medium, different podcast formats, and key elements of a podcast)
  • Defining your podcast (purpose and goals, developing a concept or theme, title and description, and hands-on activity for your podcast idea)
  • Planning your episodes (structuring and outlining episodes, and techniques for conducting interviews and hosting conversations)
  • Recording and equipment (selecting software, microphones, headphones and other essential gear, and hands-on practice recording a short podcast segment)
  • Editing and post-production (editing software, editing and enhancing audio, branding guidelines, hands-on practice)
  • Creating a podcast artwork and branding (importance of visual branding, guidelines in graphic design tools or services)
  • Hosting and distribution (overview of hosting platforms, RSS feeds, and optimising metadata for discoverability)
  • Launching and promoting your podcast (strategies for promoting your podcast, tips for creating engaging descriptions and titles, and cross-promotion on different platforms)

The Painting for Fun workshop is a relaxed and enjoyable session designed to encourage participants to explore their creativity, express themselves through paint, and experience the joy of painting. This workshop aims to create a welcoming and supportive environment where participants can unleash their imagination, experiment with various painting techniques, and enjoy the process of creating art.

  • Introduction and icebreaker
  • Exploring different painting materials and styles (introduction to a variety of painting materials and painting styles/genres, selecting the materials and style you feel most drawn to)
  • Guided painting activity (select a reference image, step-by-step guidance in painting your image)
  • Sharing and appreciation (a group discussion on your experience and what your have learned/discovered, resources and suggestions to continue your artistic journey)

The Crochet for Beginners workshop is a beginner-friendly and hands-on session designed to introduce participants to the art of crochet. This workshop aims to teach participants the foundational skills, techniques, and terminology needed to start their crochet journey and create their first crochet projects. 

  • Introduction to crochet (the craft, yarn, hooks and terminology)
  • Learning basic crochet stitches (step-by-step guidance on basic crochet stitches, hands-on practice)
  • Reading crochet patterns (common crochet symbols, abbreviations and stitch instructions)
  • Creating a simple crochet project (step-by-step guidance on creating a beginner-friendly crochet project, individual assistance as participants work on their project)
  • Finishing and fastening off (tips on finishing projects)
  • Troubleshooting (address common challenges and mistakes encountered during the workshop)
  • Showcasing and celebrating creations

The Sewing for Beginners workshop is a hands-on session designed to introduce participants to the basics of sewing and provide them with the foundational skills needed to start their sewing journey. This workshop aims to familiarise participants with sewing tools, terminology, and techniques.

  • Introduction to sewing (sewing machines, needles, threads, basic terminology and essential sewing tools)
  • Getting to know the sewing machine (demonstration and step-by-step guidance)
  • Sewing machine techniques (hands-on practice with straight stitches, backstitches and zigzag stitches)
  • Sewing a simple project (step-by-step guidance on completing a beginner-friendly sewing project, such as a pencil case)
  • Finishing touches
  • Showcasing and celebrating creations

The Makerspace will host regular Show-and-Tell sessions for users to showcase and share their projects with the rest of the makerspace community. It will allow users too learn from each other, exchange ideas, provide feedback to the Makerspace, and appreciate the diverse skills and talents in our community.

Keep an eye on our events calendar for Show-and-Tell sessions.

The team building activities in our Makerspace are designed to foster collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills among the participants. They encourage teamwork, communication and the sharing of ideas.

We have three team building activities available:

  • Design Challenge - Teams are given a specific design challenge to solve using the resources available in the Makerspace. It could be building a structure, creating a functional object, or developing a prototype. 
  • Maker Olympics - A friendly competition among teams where they compete in various maker-related challenges. Challenges could include assembling a circuit, constructing a catapult, or completing a design task. The teams will need to work together, share knowledge, and leverage their collective skills to win.
  • Makerspace Scavenger Hunt - Scavenger hunts will encourage teams to explore and utilise the resources in the Makerspace. They may need to find specific tools, materials, or complete certain tasks using the available equipment. It promotes familiarity with the Makerspace and encourages teams to work together to accomplish the hunt.

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