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Open Access

What is KovsieScholar?

KovsieScholar was launched in 2015. It is the UFS's open access repository for published research articles and completed theses and dissertations by UFS researchers and students.

Where do I submit my thesis or dissertation?

The UFS Policy on Masters and Doctoral Studies requires that the required number of copies of the thesis or dissertation be submitted to the Student Academic Services Department. In addition, each student must submit an electronic copy of the thesis or dissertation to the Library in the format specified by the Library and the faculty.

The Centre for Graduate Studies' GRM system will submit a copy of your final and approved thesis or dissertation to the Library. Alternatively, you can email the final and approved copy to All theses and dissertations submitted for graduation will only be publicly available on KovsieScholar after graduation, unless an embargo is applied.

Copyright of students' scripts (mini-dissertations, dissertations, theses, etc.) vests in the UFS. The UFS encourages the publication of derivative works of such scripts, preferably in subsidy-bearing publications. Copyright (including associated risks and benefits) of derivative works of scripts shall vest in the student. In order to publish a derivative work you might require an embargo period for your script on KovsieScholar. If so, please indicate the embargo period on the Centre for Graduate Support's GRM system or when you email your ETD to the Library and Information Services. Please copy your study leader / promotor.

What format should my thesis or dissertation be in?

There is no standard format for submission of a thesis or dissertation at the UFS. The student should consult with their department on document organisation and style. Here are some examples of thesis or dissertation layout.

The Library requires your electronic thesis / dissertation to be in Adobe PDF format with embedded fonts, no password protection and security settings that allow printing. The student is responsible for the appearance of the electronic thesis / dissertation in PDF. The Library will upload it exactly as it is submitted.

Files and formats

When submitting a thesis / dissertation on KovsieScholar, use the file naming conventions of the Library.

KovsieScholar supports most file formats. Here is a list of commonly supported formats.

Upload supplemental files separately rather than embedding it in the PDF. You will be asked to upload files during online submission. Add a description of each supplementary file during upload.

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