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Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences

The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences is a dynamic and innovative faculty that effectively meets the demands and challenges of the fast-changing economic and management environment.


Welcome to UFS Library and Information Services

 Libraries around the world are facing hard choices concerning which services to offer and how, ranging from minimal restrictions to full closure. We are aware that our government is fully in charge of the phases or levels and is taking different approaches, sometimes ordering the closure of all institutions. The UFS Library and Information Services  is also adhering to all protocols as directed by the university management. UFS Library and Information Services  renders limited services

About Us

Library hours


 During semester  
 Monday to Friday (except Wednesdays)  
 Level 3 08:00-22:00
 Levels 4-8 08:00-21:00
 April and September Holidays  
 Monday to Friday (except Wednesdays) 08:00-18:30
 July and December/January holidays  
 Monday to Friday (except Wednesdays) 08:00-16:30
 Saturday 09:00-13:00
 On Saturdays, the library is closed from the second Saturday in December to the first Saturday in  January, inclusive

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