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Faculty of Theology and Religion

Welcome to the library LibGuides of the Faculty of Theology and Religion.

Faculty of Theology and Religion Studies LibGuide

Background to the Faculty

The UFS Faculty of Theology was inaugurated in 1980. As the youngest of the faculties at the UFS, it has grown and firmly established itself on many levels in a relatively short period of time. Currently the Faculty offers training in all theological disciplines, from undergraduate to PhD level. The postgraduate offering includes various options in Master’s degrees and Doctoral programmes, encouraging students to specialise in the field of their particular interest. Although the faculty is the smallest on the UFS Campus, it is also the most active in terms of Research. 
Changes in the Faculty:
The faculty has undergone a name change from Faculty of Theology to Faculty of Theology and Religion.
The faculty previously consisted of has 7 departments, namely
  • Church History / Ecclesiology;
  • Missiology;
  • New Testament;
  • Old Testament;
  • Religion Studies;
  • Practical Theology;
  • Systematic Theology / Dogmatology and
  • Bible Translation (an interdisciplinary course offered in conjunction with the Humanities faculty)
It has since changed to the following:

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