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Faculty of Theology and Religion

Welcome to the library LibGuides of the Faculty of Theology and Religion.

Library Training: Information Retrieval Guide - Theology and Religion











1. Tips for searches

  • Use more than: one search term / one database
  • Look out for: Help options / Tips / Links (other works by same / other authors on same subject)
  • Do an:  Advanced search

2. Evaluate information from the Internet

  • Author                                 Publication (e.g. journal)
  • Purpose                              Recency
  • Audience                             Writing style
  • Content                                Presentation
  • Scope of information            Links

Acceptable websites: .gov; .org; .ac.; .edu

           ONLY use scientific information


Kovsiecat Training

What is Kovsiecat

  • The library catalogue at UFS (also called the KOVSIECAT), is an inventory of all items found within the library, either physically or electronically.
  • The catalogue is organized and indexed so that you can search by a variety of fields, e.g. Keyword, Subject, Title and Author.
  • The Kovsiecat indexes all the books, eBooks. DVDs, CDs and Theses written by UFS students.

To access the Library Catalogue (kovsiecat)

  • From the UFS`s home page, click on resources and a dropdown list will appear                                                  
  • Select CATALOGUE (Kovsiecat) then you are directly on the large search box, and you may enter your search terms.

Main Databases for Theology and Religion

Main databases for theology and religion:

  • ATLA Religion Database: the premier database for theology and religion.
  • New Testament Abstracts: indexes articles and books on New Testament topics and scripture passages from 1981 to present. Includes some full text articles.
  • Old Testament Abstracts: indexes articles and books on Old Testament topics and scripture passages from 1979 to present. Includes some full text articles.
  • JSTOR: a large multi-disciplinary database which includes mainly full-text e-journals. Important note: in most cases, recently published issues of journals (within the last 3-5 years) are NOT available in JSTOR.
ATLA Religion Database is the premier scholarly database for the study of religion and for Biblical scholarship. 
Journal articles, book reviews and collections of essays are included and journals are carefully selected based on their scholarly merit and scope.
All major religious faiths and major denominations as well as numerous language groups are covered. 
Coverage extends back to 1949 and has retrospective indexing for some journals as far back as the 1800s. 
ATLA's indexing of multi-author works, such as Festschriften and conference proceedings, is unique among religion databases as ATLA indexes each individual essay.  Areas of coverage include the Bible; archaeology & antiquities; church history, missions and ecumenism; pastoral ministry; world religions and religious studies; theology; philosophy; and ethics.
To search ATLA for information about specific books, chapters or verses in the Bible click on "Scriptures" located at the top of the page while in the advanced search mode or use the Scripture Citation Index by clicking on "Indexes" at the top of the page and selecting "Scripture Citations" from the drop-down box.
Old Testament Abstracts Online 
The Catholic Biblical Association and the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) partner to produce this scholarly source of articles and other information on the Old Testament.
New Testament Abstracts Online 
This database is jointly produced by Boston College and the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) and is an in-depth source of articles for New Testament scholarship.

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