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Political Studies : Library Presentation - Feedback

Dear  Political Studies  Students

Thank you for allowing me the time in class to present the Search tools and Databases which the Library subscribes too. The purpose of the presentation was to introduce you to Kovsiecat, Ebsco Discovery and SA ePublications. These tools will assist you on finding relevant sources for your assignments. To improve our presentation styles, we request that you please take time and complete the below survey.

Kind Regards

Mr Lee Goliath


1. Have you ever made use of the UFS library services before?
Yes: 96 votes (69.06%)
No: 43 votes (30.94%)
Total Votes: 139
2. Besides books have you ever made use of information resources such as (tick one or more)
E-books: 37 votes (29.37%)
Electronic Journals: 55 votes (43.65%)
Audio-visual Material: 4 votes (3.17%)
Online educational resources?: 30 votes (23.81%)
Total Votes: 126
3. Do you require additional training, if yes please indicate for which unit?
Kovsiecat: 25 votes (21.55%)
Ebsco Discovery: 28 votes (24.14%)
SA ePublications: 26 votes (22.41%)
EBook Central: 16 votes (13.79%)
SAGE Research Methods: 21 votes (18.1%)
Total Votes: 116
4. Do you feel confident that you are able to cite and reference properly for a university assignments and research project?
I am capable: 53 votes (43.8%)
I need more training and assistance: 68 votes (56.2%)
Total Votes: 121
5. Please rate the Library Orientation presentation you received in class (tick one)
Excellent: 31 votes (27.19%)
Very Good: 32 votes (28.07%)
Good: 40 votes (35.09%)
Poor: 3 votes (2.63%)
Need more training: 8 votes (7.02%)
Total Votes: 114
6. The session was useful and provided relevant information (tick one):
Strongly agree: 39 votes (35.78%)
Agree: 64 votes (58.72%)
Disagree: 5 votes (4.59%)
Strongly disagree: 1 votes (0.92%)
Total Votes: 109
7. The orientation session on the library services, will allow me too (tick one or more):
Find information resources: 97 votes (72.39%)
Attend training sessions to become a digital citizen: 8 votes (5.97%)
Consult my faculty librarian: 18 votes (13.43%)
Participate in library activities and special projects: 11 votes (8.21%)
Total Votes: 134

Political Science

Politics of Anxiety
Edited by Emmy Eklundh, Andreja Zevnik, and Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet


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                                        Stateness and Modes of Sovereignty

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