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Research impact

Prof Abdon Atangana is a leading Applied Mathematics professor at the Institute for Groundwater Studies. He serves as an editor for numerous international journals as well as a reviewer for many internationally accredited journals. He is a prolific author in his field of research. His awards include World Champion of Peer Review – twice (2016, 2017). He also serves on numerous editorial boards of applied mathematics and mathematics. His research interests are methods and applications of partial and ordinary differential equations, fractional differential equations, perturbation methods, asymptotic methods, iterative methods, and groundwater modelling. Prof Atangana is the founder of the fractional calculus with non-local and non-singular kernels popular in applied mathematics today. 

Prof Atangana's Scopus h-index refers to the influence of his work by measuring the number of citations for each of his articles. H-indexes differ between platforms like Scopus, Web of Science and Google Scholar, and different subject fields. His most influential article, New fractional derivatives with the non-local and non-singular kernel: Theory and application to heat, transfer model, was cited 2 199 times since 2016.


"I am building the future not for myself, I am building the future for the next generation of Africa."

- Prof Abdon Atangana

Research output

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